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Video in Motion for BMW


BMW DVD In Motion

The BMW DVD Bypass unlocks the factory BMW DVD player and allows passengers to watch videos while the vehicle is in motion, works with BMW 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Series and X Series enabling video in motion for the factory dvd (screen).

M series vehicles are fully supported. Video in Motion (VIM) is activated through a switch. Navigation In Motion is fully supported as well.

BMW DVD Bypass Available -

  • Product Name - BMW_DVDBypass_01 
  • Retail $449*
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Plug n Play

For Compatibility / Availability 
561-303-2080 or Email

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Bypass for DVD Players


Unlock Your Factory DVD & Navigation

Our DVD Bypass / Video in Motion interfaces are Made in Germany and come with a 3 year warranty.

As a German Manufacturer of OEM Automotive Electronics, our products range from Backup Camera Interfaces, DVD Bypass / Video in Motion, NAV Bypass, and A/V Inputs and more.

How do I watch my DVD in motion?

One of our most asked for OEM Integration, is a DVD Bypass interface that allows you to watch your factory dvd equipped vehicle while in motion. Basically, it gives you the ability to continue watching your factory DVD in Motion while the car is moving. 

This would be very handy for passengers for long trips or on vacation or simply to entertain your children.

DVD Bypass has OEM Interfaces that allow for video / nav in motion along with a backup camera input (backup camera sold separately $250). To place an order please call 561.303.2080 or use the vehicle selector at the bottom. 


Audi Video in Motion and Backup Camera
 A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, Q5 
BMW Video in Motion and Backup Camera
 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X5, X6, M Series
Jeep Video in Motion and Backup Camera
 Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Patriot, Wrangler
Maserati Video in Motion and Backup Camera
Mercedes-Benz Video in Motion and Backup Camera
 C Class, CL Class, CLS Class, E Class, ML, GL, R, SL, SLK
Mini Cooper Video in Motion and Backup Camera
 Mini Cooper
Porsche Video in Motion and Backup Camera
Range Rover Video in Motion and Backup Camera
 LR3, LR4, HSE, Sport
Volkswagen Video in Motion and Backup Camera
 Routan, Touareg 

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Backup Cameras Are Popular

Did you know that Backup Cameras are becoming one of the most requested features on a vehicle. 34% of US Adults are aware of what a Rearview Camera does and the number of people expressing interest grew by 23 points year over year.

“Backup cameras are one of the most popular features. In years past it was strong, but I wouldn't say it was at the top. This year, it’s among the top four,” said David Duganne, senior Research Director for Harris Interactive.

Safety Devices such as Blind Spot Warning Systems, Backup Cameras and Pedestrian Sensors are all gaining interest in the eyes of consumers in comparison to satellite radio and voice activated systems.

With technology changing rapidly and options to add features from the dealership or aftermarket 12volt firms, the engineers at DVD Bypass have developed Backup Camera Interfaces for about 80% of cars on the road that have LCD screens or navigation.

We believe safety is important and will be donating a portion of each sale to to help advance their just cause. 

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Ford E-Bike and MyFord Touch Video In Motion



Have you noticed more scooters and bicycles on the streets lately? Alternate forms of transportation are officially mainstream, and that hasn’t been lost on Ford, which has unveiled the E-Bike Concept. That’s right, an electric Ford bike!
“The E-Bike market is growing very, very rapidly, with some 30 million units sold globally last year,” explained Axel Wilke, Director, Vehicle Personalization, Ford Customer Service Division Europe. 

E‑Bikes are being utilized for short-distance commuting, so Ford decided to respond by showing how easily its design language could translate to a bicycle. Developed by a Ford Design team led by Executive Design Director Martin Smith, in partnership with cyber-Wear, the German brand behind the Ford Lifestyle Collection products, the Ford E-Bike Concept has been created from the ground up to appeal to both men and women.


The E-Bike has a trapezoidal frame profile, and has been constructed from aluminum and carbon; the frame weighs about 5 pounds. The wheels have a six-spoke V-design, while the drive system is hidden, creating a clean, minimalist appearance. Power comes from a drive system featuring a motor in the front wheel hub, with a lithium-ion battery concealed in the frame, promising a range of up to 52 miles on a full charge.

The E-Bike Concept also has an integrated controller and patented magnetostriction sensor technology from the world of Formula One. Magnetostriction – don’t hear that word very often, do you? 

Magneotostrictive materials are used to convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy, and vice versa. 

In Formula One, these sensors help handle high engine revolutions in combination with intense thermal strains. They need no physical contact with other parts of the engine, are temperature-independent and are completely maintenance-free.

The Ford E-Bike is the first application of this technology in the bicycle industry; the sensors read the revolutions in the inner bearing and relay this information to the control unit within a hundredth of a second. The control unit then instantly activates or deactivates the electric motor, providing a seamless integration of the power of the legs with the power of the motor. 

Meanwhile, a handlebar-mounted display provides trip information and allows the rider to select from three support modes: Economy, Comfort and Sport.

You bike geeks will appreciate this: 

The drive system is complemented by top-of-the-range bicycle components, including a Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub and a Shimano Rapidfire shifter. In place of a traditional chain is a Carbon Belt Drive System, making for a cleaner, lighter and more immediate transfer of energy.

Technical Specifications:
  • Front wheel hub motor 
  • Max. nominal power: 350W
  • Electricity: 36V – 250W
  • Supports up to 25km/h (to EN 15194)
  • Clutch with freewheel function
  • Gearbox: Planet gears
  • Integral sensor technology

  • Cell type: Lithium-ion accumulator
  • Electricity: 340Wh, 36V, 9.3Ah
  • Charging cycles: 1000 cycles at 80% residual capacity
  • BMS (Battery Management System): protects against deep discharge and self-discharge Charge times: 80% after 2 hours, 100% after 3-4 hours (at room temperature)
  • Range: Up to 85km (depending on drive power and support mode selected)
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C

Controller display functions:
  • Background lighting with light sensor system 
  • Energy-saving automatic sleep mode 
  • Diagnosis function with fault code display
  • Support modes: Economy, Comfort, Sport 
  • Displays: Range, Battery capacity, Speed, Time,
  • Distance, Maximum speed, Average speed,
  • Total distance, Service reminder, System diagnosis,
  • Support modes iPhone Smartphone app control function planned

Bicycle Components:
  • Wheels: Mavic Elipse Aluminum black (modified with Ford Design crossing)
  • Tyres: Continental Ultra Sport black
  • Pedals: Wellgo LU-C27G, silver/black
  • Handlebars: Downhill Aluminum black, custom made
  • Stem: Giant SLR Carbon 110mm
  • Saddle: Selle Italia SLR XC
  • Brakes: Avid Elixir 5, full hydraulic, 185mm, white

What do you think?

Should Ford build the E-Bike for public consumption? So far, there are no plans to produce it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t remain under consideration along with other mobility solutions Ford has planned for the future.

MyFord Touch

MyFord Touch promises to enable drivers of Ford cars to seamlessly integrate nearly all mobile phones, PDAs and digital media players into their cars. Operation of these devices, utilizing advanced Ford Sync functionality, is performed using voice commands, touch-screen inputs, the vehicle's steering wheel, radio controls, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. MyFord Touch is also capable of receiving text messages and reading these text messages aloud to occupants of the car

As an advanced in-car infotainment system, the MyFord Touch for Ford vehicles uses voice activated technology that understands and recognizes many voice commands. The focal point is the factory Sony touch colour screen that comes equipped with an AV Input, USB input, RCA jacks as well as an SD card for photos and videos.

Current Ford Vehicles equipped with the MyFord Touch infotainment system with the AV Input are not able to view the source / video while in motion. Like the older model Ford Sync infotainment system of yesteryear, a DVD Bypass will allow for all features that are currently "locked out" to work while your Ford is in motion aka video in motion.

The AV input can be used for pretty much any device that passes a signal through the RCA inputs of the device. You can add a DVD Player to the factory screen and view a movie will your Ford automobile is in motion or you can add your iPod with your favorite YouTube videos or movies

About Us:

DVD Bypass specializes in OEM Integration specifically tailored to the vehicles needs allowing integration of Audio/Video Input, Video in Motion, Backup Camera and more into the world’s finest automobiles.
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Ford MyFord Touch Video in Motion Unlock



The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903. Ford has been a synonymous voice within the automotive industry for over 100 years. Henry Ford Sr. was known for his innovation that catapulted vehicles into commodities for the masses. In 1908 Ford introduced the Model T, which became one of the most popular cars in the world and the beginning of mass production on an assembly line.

Flash forward a Hundred years or so. Ford is still a synonymous name in the Auto Industry and continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Recently taking the plunge with their Microsoft "Sync" system, it allows Drivers equipped with this radio to use voice activated commands for control.

Ford MyTouch DVD Unlock

Currently Ford Vehicles that come equipped with a Factory DVD player are not able to view a movie while in motion. 

Thankfully the Engineers at DVD Bypass have solved the problem! This DVD Bypass for the Ford MyTouch Sync System allows you to watch a video in motion for the enjoyment of your passengers. 

The DVD Bypass also allows you to add a Backup Camera to your Ford vehicle that is equipped with the MyTouch system. As technology keeps progressing, Ford continues to be on top of the Automotive Electronics trend.

Recently Ford debuted its concept car, the Internet-connected Evos, at CES back in 2012. From the second you get into your Evos, the car would know the best traffic route and weather to make your drive more efficient. Fast forward to 2014 and the integration of not only mobile devices into the vehicle but also the ability to use WiFi while in the vehicle. 

Now this "Smart Car", gets Smarter. 
Imagine having what you were just listening to inside the house already playing the same station in the vehicle or the ability to turn on/off appliances or lights in your house through your vehicle. 

Learn More about the DVD Bypass for Ford Vehicles equipped with the MyFord Touch Infotainment System by calling 561-303-2080. 


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Uconnect DVD Bypass



Chrysler was one of the "Big Three" American automobile manufacturers. It sells vehicles worldwide under its flagship Chrysler brand, as well as the Dodge, Jeep and Ram. Other major divisions include Mopar, its automotive parts and accessories division, and SRT, its performance automobile division. 

In 2014, Chrysler Group LLC is the seventh biggest automaker in the world by production

Chrysler Video in Motion

The Chrysler brand was originally a premium luxury position competing with Cadillac and Lincoln, owned respectively by Chrysler Group's Detroit rivals, General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Chrysler was the top brand in the portfolio of what was then known as Chrysler Corporation, led by its top model, the Imperial.

After the corporation decided to spin Imperial off as a separate brand in 1955 to better compete with Cadillac and Lincoln, Chrysler became the corporation's number two brand, but still offered luxury and near-luxury products. Chrysler's positioning of the Chrysler brand towards a mid-price brand caused Chrysler to kill DeSoto after 1961 and merge most DeSoto vehicles into the new Chrysler Newport. After the Imperial brand was dropped in 1975, Chrysler once again became the top brand.

Chrysler Uconnect

Chrysler introduced its first true "infotainment" system as the MyGig and has upgraded the system that brings "in-car" interactivity through telemetric-like controls that function as car settings. One major pull for Owners is the Uconnect Infotainment Center that is coming equipped on the newer Chrysler vehicles. 


With options including Navigation, Sirius Satellite, CD / Factory DVD Player, Audio Input, Bluetooth, USB, Internal Hard Drive, Uconnect Voice Command and Backup Camera, the 6.5 / 8.4 inch Touchscreen is a major advancement in infotainment systems for the automotive industry.

Vehicles are also equipped with a "Wi-Fi" connect for vehicles connect via the Uconnect Web. According to Chrysler LLC, the hotspot range will extend approximately 100 feet (30 m) from the vehicle in all directions, and will combine both Wi-Fi and Sprint's 3G cellular connectivity. 

Uconnect is available on several current and was available on several discontinued Chrysler models including the current:

Dodge Dart
Chrysler 300
Dodge Avenger 
Grand Caravan 

Uconnect DVD Bypass - PRICING CALL 561-303-2080

DVD Bypass has a solution for Chrysler UConnect Infotainment Systems 6.5 / 8.4 inch screen that not only allows you to view the factory DVD in motion but also allows the addition of a rearview camera for cars that did not come equipped with a factory backup camera.

This means you can add a Rear Monitor or a Backup Camera or a Playstation 3 etc, the possibilities are endless with the additional audio / video inputs. The "Uconnect Video in Motion" from DVD Bypass is available for the following Uconnect equipped Chrysler:


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