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How Do I Bypass my Factory DVD

Friday, July 25, 2014

Does your Factory DVD Play In Park?

Vehicles these days are coming equipped with intuitive Infotainment Systems. Sirius Satellite Radio, Backup Cameras, Navigation, iPod, Vehicle Night Vision, Hands-free Bluetooth, Factory DVD and more are all coming as available options in the majority of vehicles being sold at the dealerships these days.

Unfortunately, if your car is equipped with a Factory DVD, chances are you will not be able to view it while driving. If your car comes with navigation you will not be able to "input" addresses on the fly. 

This makes for solutions that aren't 100% functional; Who wants to purchase something that you can't even use.

The world's best engineers in Germany have developed the Video in Motion / DVD Bypass solution for vehicles* equipped with a factory DVD. Imagine your passengers being able to enjoy the Factory DVD on long family trips or having your co-pilot find the nearest gas station by using the Navigation unlock feature.

DVD Bypass Available for the Following Vehicles:


Audi Video in Motion

BMW Video in Motion

Chrysler Video in Motion

Jaguar Video in Motion


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